Williams and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP, two leading energy infrastructure companies, have partnered to develop the Bluegrass Pipeline Project.

The proposed pipeline will transport natural gas liquids from the Marcellus and Utica shale producing areas in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio to the developing petrochemical market in the Northeast U.S., as well as the rapidly expanding petrochemical and export complex on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Our Commitment

Through this joint venture, Williams and Boardwalk are committed to working with landowners, as well as local, state and federal agencies, to design and construct Bluegrass Pipeline in a manner that protects landowners and the environment. We are committed to extensive public outreach in advance of finalizing the pipeline route in the north and converting an existing pipeline from natural gas service to natural gas liquids service in the south. Our goals are to:

    • Generate a broad awareness of the project, its purposes and value to the region’s economy and the future energy needs of our nation.


    • Ensure that community residents and a broad range of stakeholders have ample opportunity to understand the process and their rights, ask questions, voice concerns and present ideas about the project.


  • Create an atmosphere of openness, disclosure and public dialogue in which we can respond to questions, concerns and suggestions presented by the community and other stakeholders.


The Benefits of Bluegrass

By combining new construction with an existing pipeline, Williams and Boardwalk believe that Bluegrass Pipeline could be placed into service and begin serving customers sooner than other options.

The pipeline is being designed to provide producers with up to 400,000 barrels per day of mixed NGL take away capacity in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The joint venture will also include constructing a new large-scale fractionation plant and expanding natural gas liquids storage facilities in Louisiana and constructing a new pipeline connecting these facilities to the converted Texas Gas line in the Eunice, La. area. Learn More!

Working with Landowners

Construction of significant new pipeline is expected to take place in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Louisiana. Williams is taking the lead on the majority of the new-build portion of the Bluegrass Pipeline in these states.

We are committed to working in good faith with landowners along the proposed route. We also will coordinate with regulatory agencies to meet the local, state and federal requirements associated with the project. Along with our contractors, we will work with landowners in the coming months seeking consent to complete civil and environmental surveys. Learn More!